General Wards:





Maternity Ward:

07:00-21:00 (fathers)


Intensive Care Unit:





If you are forewarned that you will need to be admitted to ePH, visit reception on the 3rd floor beforehand, bringing the following documents:

  • Main member's ID book;
  • Patients ID book;
  • Medical aid scheme card;
  • Doctor's letter of referral; and
  • Medical aid scheme authorisation number (we can assist with this if necessary)

The admission clerk will:

  • Help you complete all the relevant documents;
  • Assist you in obtaining authorisation from your medical aid scheme;
  • Collect the co-payments (if necessary) or private patient upfront payment; and
  • Explain the admission process.


  • Hospital tariffs are charged according to a scale of benefits.
  • Co-payments may be required before admission.
  • Arrange with your medical aid scheme for an authorisation number regarding your admission (without this, admission can have serious financial implications).
  • When calling your medical aid scheme for an authorisation number, obtain the following information as well.
  • What costs will be covered.
  • What length of stay is covered.
  • Which maximum benefits/ exclusions will apply.


  • Before your admission, discuss the total estimate cost of your stay with our Case Management Team (call 013 655 3000 for a quotation).
  • You will be expected to pay the full amount before admission. ePH accepts most credit and debit cards.
  • Once admitted, you will be given feedback on your account during your stay. You will be required to settle the difference upon being discharged.


  • Your doctor will advise you when you may be discharged.
  • It is likely that you will be prescribed medication to take home and you should follow the directions meticulously.
  • It is important that you arrange for someone to pick you up.
  • Please complete our customer service questionnaire, which will assist us in further improving our service to our patients.


If you are scheduled to undergo surgery, even if it is minor, please refrain from eating or drinking as from midnight the night before.

Do not bring any of the following items with you if you are being admitted to ePH:

  • Jewellery and other valuable items;
  • Large amounts of money;
  • Cellular phone
  • Contact lenses; and
  • Firearms