Welcome to ePH Hospital


eMalahleni Private Hospital (ePH) is an independently operated private hospital offering high quality healthcare services in the eMalahleni area of Mpumalanga. ePH consistently maintains the highest standards of personalised patient care and clinic excellence while, at the same time, positioning ourselves in an accessible and affordable price bracket. At ePH we place our patients, staff and Doctors at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to the well-being and comfort of each and every one of our patients.



eMalahleni Private Hospital has both a Medical and Surgical Ward. The medical ward currently has 22 beds and the surgical ward has 34 beds. The excellent staff of this unit are committed to quality patient care in a friendly and recuperative atmosphere.

The General Ward is on the 5th floor which is conveniently next to  theatre, High Care and ICU for ease of moving the patients in between the different areas as the need arises. Dialysis points are also available in some rooms so dialysis can be done without inconveniencing our patients.

As this is our busiest ward we monitor our patient satisfaction very carefully through patient questionnaires and address any issues quickly and efficiently so that our high standards can be maintained at all times.



Our Intensive Care Unit is unique in that it has 8 beds and we are able to treat patients as individuals, as ICU’s did in days gone by. We have a dedicated and well trained nursing team. Each patient is treated by staff as they would treat a family member.

The 24-hour Intensive Care Unit provides dedicated, continuous, specialized care to critically ill patients with a variety of medical or surgical conditions. These patients require complex multi-organ support.

The unit has a total of 8 beds, two of which are sophisticated and dedicated isolation room.

The Intensive Care Unit is staffed by a dynamic and motivated multi-disciplinary team of Physicians, Surgeons, Intensive Care Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapist, and Dieticians.

The patients in our Intensive Care Unit have 24-hour access to non-invasive and advanced mechanical ventilation, modern continuous hemodynamic monitoring systems and different modalities of renal replacement therapy. We also have a modern and efficient radiology department and, when appropriate, referral to physicians from the full range of medical and surgical specialties.

We also specialize in weaning patients off mechanical ventilation and have access to the latest diagnostic technologies and drug therapies.



The ePH currently operates using three major operating theatres; all theatres are modern and well equipped with the latest surgical technology.
From Specialised Orthopaedic, Gynaecology and General Surgery equipment to our highly skilled Theatre staff we cover most procedures in our theatres so that we can assure our patients as much cost saving as possible with the highest level of care.




The Paediatric Unit comprises of 15 beds.

The team is committed to improving children’s health by delivering the highest quality clinical care in a dedicated child and family friendly environment. We allow one parent to sleep in with the child that has been admitted.

We believe that happy children recover more quickly when in a happy environment with toys and other visual stimulation and of course to have and Mom or Dad stay with them for their quick recovery.



Emalahleni Private Hospital has opened its doors on the next phase of our hospital. We are very excited that we now have a new Paediatric Intensive Care unit (PICU), the only facility in the whole of Mpumalanga.
It is a four bed unit that is situated on the 4th floor next to the Paediatric / Children’s ward. We care for infants, children and young people up to the age of 14, who are critically ill or injured.

Our PICU will provide sick children with the highest level of medical, direct and individualised nursing care which will be age and culture appropriate to our patients. We do believe in family centred care, parents are part of their child’s health team and we would like to invite you to participate in your child’s care by providing a lodger bed for one parent to overnight just like we do in our children’s ward which is always appreciated by our Moms and Dads.



No drama, just trauma.

We specialise in any medical or trauma emergencies. We are equipped and trained to effectively treat any medical or trauma problem that you or your family may experience 24 hours a day. We have are specialised doctors available in the unit 24 hours a day.  We specialise in injuries on duty and assist with the paperwork for submission to WCA.

Our team is fast, friendly and effective. Your family is our family.



We are of the opinion that every birth is a special event. The staff of EPH Maternity unit strive to make every birth a positive and memorable experience. Here at EPH Maternity unit our philosophy is to provide passionate care. We have trained and skilled midwives who take care of our little patients and their families. The Maternity Unit at eMalahleni has the following facilities:

  • Private rooms at no extra cost.
  • A Nursery.
  • Delivery rooms.
  • 17 Bedded unit.
  • Free ante-natal classes.
  • Free lodging for Mom’s should your baby have to be admitted to NNICU.



The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at eMalahleni Private Hospital provides optimal clinical care for the little people in our charge.

The NICU comprises six beds and we offer family lodging facilities to our clients from day one.

By having the family close while babies are in NNICU bonding is made easier and the transition to home becomes a more pleasant and comfortable experience.



It is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce a new addition to our existing medical facility, namely the High Care Unit.

This unit is a modern, fully equipped 4 bed unit which includes an isolation room and has been designed to accommodate patients who require close monitoring.

“Close Monitoring” can be defined as care which includes a patient being connected to a Cardiac Monitor at all times to detect possible changes; this unit has been designed to handle any crisis including the possibility of accommodating ventilated patients and is directly linked to our state of the art Intensive Care Unit.

As we pride ourselves in professional quality nursing, our “nurse to patient” ratio is 1:2 with our staff attending regular training programs.

The Unit has been designed with a bathroom for those patients who are not bed bound and each bed has been equipped with a television with earphones for individual viewing.  A state of the art air conditioning system is also in place with a sophisticated filtration system to maintain clean air in the unit.



The hospital pharmacy is the organization in the hospital to manage the procurement, storage, preservation, packaging, compounding, preparation, dispensing and distribution of medicine in the hospital. The work life of a hospital pharmacist and pharmacist assistants might seem unglamorous compared to that of doctors, but these are highly trained professionals play important roles in patient safety and even in direct patient care. The patients treated by a hospital pharmacist typically have more complicated conditions than those in an ambulatory setting and take multiple medications.

When it comes to medical care, no one in the hospital team understands medications and the role they play in a patient’s body like the pharmacist!  We aim to treat our patients with the highest possible care and confidence!



eMalahleni Private Hospital has Specialist rooms available for Specialists to start private practise in the EPH Medical Centre in Witbank on a full time basis.

We have a “state of the art” Casualty unit with adjoining x-ray Department on the ground floor.

 Are you interested? Please e-mail as soon as possible to: info@ephospital.co.za

Or call 013 655 3000 and ask for the General Manager to make an appointment to view.